Classroom of 2014

Classroom of 2014

Let me help you unlock your true potential. Paying for expensive courses, waking up at 6am, being stressed that you won’t pass a test are all things of your past. Things lose value over the course of time. Well, expect one thing. That one thing is Education. I tried my best to provide you with the look on International TEFL Institute in my TEFL Review. Taking the online route has many clear benefits. Not only your computer won’t shout at you, bells won’t ring in the class, but you experience dramatic reduction of the cost, stress factor and you will fell happy and satisfied. Learn more in our TEFL Review.

Travel the World

Travel the World

TEFL certificate can kick start your international teaching career. Believe me seeing the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Mt. Everest or the Colosseum is much better in person than in your web browser. English has become the number one language for business, trading and international affairs. With TEFL certificate in your hands you can teach English to people all around the world or even in your home town. Not only you get a lot of experience, life lasting memories, but you also substantially increase your paycheck. Read our in depth TEFL Review of International TEFL Institute

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive Offers

Our lives are packed with challenges we try to overcome. Sometimes we succeed, but there are times when we fail. That’s the course of life. What makes it beautiful are the little things that we don’t even think about. With International TEFL Institute you can secure yourself a better future. You improve not only your life, but also the lives of people you care about the most, your family. In addition to TEFL Review I’d like to thank you for visiting our website.

I would like to offer you accredited Certificate Course (120 hrs) for only 349$.

Let me know if you find better offer.

Is International TEFL Institute a good opportunity for you? TEFL Review
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TEFL makes English accessible to everyone

It is not difficult to get lost in the jungle of abbreviations, certificates and courses that deal with English. They promise you better social status, higher salary and other benefits. Unfortunately, many of the certificates and even organizations are not officially accredited. Many people spend their money and put hard work in order to achieve a certification. Then they apply for a job with their fresh certificate only to discover it is not accepted and accredited.  This really should not happen in the 21st century. I hope that my TEFL Review of International TEFL Institute can help you shed some light on this topic.

Is TEFL just another useless certificate?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a certificate that can open many doors. Not only you can travel the World, meet new friends and get valuable experience, but you will also see a significant increase in your monthly paycheck. In the past you were in a disadvantage if you didn’t live in a big city. You had to pay for transportation, expensive tutors, books and list goes on. Thanks to advances in technology we can erase these drawbacks and get straight to the good part.

From struggle to confidence

When I first saw the TEFL courses online provided by International TEFL Institute I truly introduced myself to the classroom of 2013, where the only limitation is your own imagination. What if I tell you that for the price of a few lunches or a ticket to a concert you can get a certificate to teach English all over the globe,  work in the environment you deserve and increase your paycheck up to $4,000? I bet you are saying to yourself it is too good to be true. I hope that this website can show you otherwise. Please have a look at our TEFL Review of International TEFL Institute or read a few of successful stories. Enjoy your stay!

Read our in depth TEFL Courses Online review. Have a look at available TEFL Courses Online.

Turn your computer into International TEFL Institute

Who wouldn’t love to make his house as beautiful as possible? We buy new furniture, carpets, then reorder it, paint it and again and again. The most important part of any house are the people that live there.  We are no strangers to making our eyes happy. Especially with new clothes.  We see celebrities wearing similar and then after a short time they get out of fashion. There is one thing that can’t just get out of fashion. I am talking about education. When I say turn your computer into an International TEFL Institute I am not talking some sort of sorcery. I am talking technology. The same way you can turn your TV into an entertainment  hub you can turn your computer into a portable International TEFL Institute.

No bell rings in the TEFL Online Institute world

I can definitely ensure you that your computer won’t shout at you when you come 5 minutes late to class or wear your favorite pajamas during a reading class. You might ask how is it even possible? The principle of International TEFL Institute is quite similar to brick and mortar schools. One tutor can’t handle 200 or even 2000 students at the same time. However when lessons are supplied to you in digital form no restrictions exist. International TEFL Institute has student support in mind as well. Your tutor is prepared to guide you through your courses and answer any question you might have.  You set your own pace. There is no need to be afraid that you can’t keep up with others. No bells ring in the International TEFL Institute online world. That is definitely a plus.

I hate exams as much as you do

Exams are the most feared part of any study. You study and study and then you struggle to pass. Everyone know the feeling when you answer about 30% of questions in an exam, then the bell rings and you don’t have any other choice than expect an F. With International TEFL Institute you have just one test per your study module. They are constructed as multiple choice type questions. If I take the top notch quality of each and every module  into account I am sure that you will pass with ease. If something happens and you won’t pass you can retake your assessment. They is no time limit on them as well. This is just a brief overview of their courses. You can learn more in our TEFL Review. I wish there had been choices like International TEFL Institute when I was studying.

Read our in depth TEFL Courses Online review. Have a look at available TEFL Courses Online.

The best teaching jobs combine a job with joy

Nobody wants to end up like a guy who outsmarts Wikipedia, draw a blueprint for a rocket engine and then ends up selling hamburgers at McDonald’s. Education is an important building block. It is like fuel for your vehicle. A vehicle is useless if it can’t get you to a point where you want to be. Right? In my eyes, the best job is a job that I love to do and it produces enough money to cover my needs like food and rent. Let me introduce you to the opportunities that come to you when you have a TEFL certificate from International TEFL Institute and you can apply for the best teaching jobs.

Understanding the current jobs market

It doesn’t matter which year it is. Since the beginning of times people had problems. When there are problems, there are people trying to come up with solutions. Look at it this way. If there were no problems, there would be no solutions and therefore almost no jobs. English has become the number one language for business, international affairs, deals and technology. People all over the globe educate themselves in English to be able to improve their lives and gain new perspectives. The problem is that people can’t speak English, but they want to learn it. Therefore they are looking for solutions. You will be an accredited specialist with TEFL certificate in your hands. You can solve their problem and gain profit for helping them. Win-Win situation for both sides.

Add yourself into the equation

When you want to apply for the best teaching jobs you have a few possibilities. The obvious one would be to find organizations that connect teachers with students locally or even over the globe. Such organization might be easily found in your local newspapers or on the internet. The problem with this decision is simple. Almost everyone is doing the same. What clever people do instead is that they find prestige schools in countries they would like to go and ask them for best teaching jobs personally. Humans are emotional and everyone prefers to offer a job to someone they know rather to just someone. If you don’t want to travel, there is no need to worry. We live in culture rich society. People immigrate and they try to improve their English proficiency, so they can get a better job. You can be a solution for their problem.

Are TEFL teaching jobs a viable career choice?

This question can’t be answered on an universal basis. In our TEFL Review, we tried to help you understand how can a TEFL certificate, from an accredited company like International TEFL Institute help you. There are not many jobs that allow you to travel to foreign countries and pay the flight tickets and apartment for you. You won’t be making the same money as top business managers or the CEO of Microsoft, but you can see the World and turn your education into experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Teachers doing TEFL best teaching jobs usually earn from $2,000 to $5,000 depending on the  country they are in. Count in that your accommodation is paid for you by the school and you end up with very nice monthly paycheck.  As a bonus you see what others can only dream about. Start your future career today by getting a TEFL certificate from International TEFL Institute.

Read our in depth TEFL Courses Online review. Have a look at available TEFL Courses Online.

Our Mission

I started this website and wrote a TEFL Review in order to help teachers and English lovers improve their careers and find new opportunities that might have escaped their sight. In the  TEFL Review of courses offered byInternational TEFL Institute I outlined both pros and cons of getting a certificate online. I will be updating this site on a regular basis, so you can get fresh news about online courses, certificates and other programs.

Final thoughts

No matter who you are or where you live I would like to thank you for stopping on my website and I hope you will find our reports useful. If you decide to join some online courses and they help you in your career or life you can tell us about it and we will include your successful story on the website. Who knows maybe you will motivate others to take the same route. All in all, have an amazing day and thanks for stopping by!


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